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Armored flexible conduit can be applied extensively to the following sites:
*Payphone Cables Protection
*Cables Protection in telecom exchange house
*Optical Patch Cord Protection
*Outdoor Power Cables Protection

*Protection for Public Equipment / Building Power Distribution
*Elevator / Lift Cable Protection
*Shower Hose
*Gas Hose

*Cables Protection in Airport
*Subway / Train System Cables Protection
*MRT System Electric Protection
*Automobile & Motorcycle Wires Protection

Security System
*Watching System
*Door Security Control System
*Display, Monitor, System

*Auto Control System
*Meters on Accurate Instrument
*Cables inside Mold

*Power Distribution in Oil Field
*Electric Protection in Chemical Factory
*Electric Protection in Power Plant

The example of Armored flexible conduit application:

Emphasis applications in engineering of 2002 * Application of Beijing Capital Airport Track Projects.
* Application of Beijing Capital Airport Leading Light Projects.
Application in accurate Equipment/Instrument.
Watching system Electric Time Table in Subway Security System
Lighting System Lift / Elevator Air Bridge
Parking Accurate Instrument / Machine Application in protection wire of machines 
Wire Protection Tube in Subway Power Plant Train Station