Handset Assembly

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In accordance with customers' specification requirements, such as CCITT, EIA, OREMA, and etc., a complete handset can be designed and produced accordingly. Meanwhile, all handsets' quality is controlled strictly during producing procedure, which is executed by a series of accurate inspection instruments (e. g. B&K) according to "AQL Quality inspection Standard".

Product Characteristics:
1) High Communication Quality: Superior transducers have been adopted for our handsets
2) Special material: The special engineering plastic material with the function of impact resistance was developed and adopted for our product.
3) High quality Armored Tube: The Armored Tube with the function of high tensile strength resistance pressure resistance and twist resistance.
4) Re-use (optional): To consider customer's operation cost, Kaiphone has developed an exclusive and patent special structure design makes handsets reusable. Customer can disassemble T/R cap for inspection and maintenance.